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-Bantam Books Edition-

Sequels to The Front Runner:

Harlan’s Race” Published in 1994, was a national bestseller, and is out in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Japanese and Complex Chinese Editions.

Billy’s Boy” Published in 1997, was a national bestseller and is out in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Complex Chinese Editions.


Patricia completed writing the fourth book
in the series prior to her passing. The book will
be released later this year.

The Front Runner takes place in the 70's, Harlan's Race in the 80's, Billy's Boy the 90's, and the new novel brings us into the post-millennial era. 

- Translated into 13 languages.
- Book sales estimated at over 11 million copies worldwide.

- Readers to date estimated at over 28 million.
- First gay-themed novel to make the New York Times bestseller list.
- First gay-themed novel to print the word “gay” on the cover.
- Never been out of print since 1974.
- Available in hardcover, paperback and e-book on Amazon.


1974 – U.S. 1st edition hardcover (William Morrow)

1975 – U.S. mass market paperback (Bantam Books)

1975 – UK & Commonwealth paperback (Bantam Books)

1975 – Swedish edition (1st serial in Revolt Magazine)

1975 – Canadian 2nd serial in Esprit Magazine

1976 – Rippun Shobo (Japanese 1st edition)

1979 – Dutch edition (Tiebosch)

1981 – French edition (Presses de la Renaissance)

1985 – Danish edition (Rhodos)

1987 – German 1st edition (Droemer Knaur)

1987 - U.S. trade paperback (Penguin/Plume)

1990 – Japanese 2nd edition (Daisan Shokan)

1990 – UK trade paperback (Gay Men’s Press)

1995 – Wildcat Press (U.S. 20th anniversary 2nd edition hardcover

1996 – U.S. 20th anniversary trade paperback edition (Wildcat Press)

1999 – Latvian edition (Atenas Klubs)

1999 – Japanese 3rd edition (2nd serial in Imaju-Club Manga magazine,
              illustrated by top Japanese illustrator)

2001 – Book of the Month Club and Triangle Classics

2001 – Spanish 1st edition (Editorial Egales)

2001 – German 2nd edition (Bruno Gmuender Verlag)

2007 – Italian edition (Fazi Editore)

2011 – U.S. audio edition (Audible, Inc.)

2011 – German audio edition (Bruno Gmuender)

2011 – Complex Chinese (Soul Mate, Inc., distributed in Taiwan, Hong
              Kong and Macau)

2011 – Ukrainian publishing rights were sold to a publisher in Kiev

2012 – German 3rd Edition (Bruno Gmuender)

2012 – Spanish 2nd edition (Editorial Egales)

2013 – U.S. e-book on Kindle (Amazon.com)

2014 – Portuguese edition (INDEX Editions, contract just signed) 

2019 - Literary rights were transfered to her estate: patricianellwarrenestate@gmail.com

Excerpt from “The Front Runner”  published in Crown anthology "Men in Sports -Great Sports Stories of all Time.”

Named #1 Readers’ Choice in the Publishing Triangle’s 100 Best Lesbian
and Gay Novels. Also named #1 on a number of other LGBT book lists.

In Outsports.com’s “100 Greatest Moments in Gay Sports History,” the
publication named “The Front Runner” as Moment # 4.

The International FrontRunners, an international organization of
running and walking clubs in many countries around the world, was named
after the novel.

“The Front Runner” is still Warren’s biggest-selling title. The author
continues to receive fan emails from all over the world, as well as
messages from various countries via Facebook.

Fans continue to ask tirelessly about the progress of film development.

The book was recognized as instrumental in inspiring launch of
the Gay Games, and author was awarded a special "Personal Best" and
Gold Medal by the International Federation of Gay Games.

Patricia, Warren was named a "Pioneer" of LGBT literature by the Lambda
Literary Foundation in a ceremony in Los Angeles.

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